Our Promise:

1. The OEM & ODM products are the customer’s private property .

2. Never show the OEM & ODM products to any other customers without permission .

3. Never put the OEM & ODM products on website or catalogue before you permit.

4. Never copy or develop the similar OEM & ODM products without permission.

5. Never disclose your name or design to another customer or company without your permission.


Our Capabilities

ODM  Product Development

 Norpero engineers evaluate lighting concepts to find cost-saving and value-added potential, and utilize CATIA models for finite element analysis. This  model  is checked against equipment designs to ensure accuracy.

 Product development is structured in four main phases:
 1: Styling, concept development, and specification and/or regulation definition.
 2: Design/engineering, product development, prototyping, verification.
 3: Tooling, preproduction run, process and product validation.
 4: Production release.
 Each phase is gated & requires management sign off approval to ensure that every customer deliverable are met.


In-House Modeling

In the concept stage Norpero uses rendering software like “Flamingo” or “Maxwell” to help define the final look of the prod

uct. Renderings can define day or night lit appearance, depending on the product function. This capability has greatly aided customers in establishing the product and vehicle look earlier in the process, and greatly reduced “re-do” loops.

Norpeor also performs quick optical feasibility during the concept stage generating benchmark light maps and product performan

ceverification.When required, our CATIA models can be used to create stereolithography (SLA) prototypes for customer

 use. If more prototypes are required,cast-urethane models can be created from the initial SLA. Upon customer request, Norpero can make prototypes from real materials like plastic, aluminum,magnesium or others in a 6-8 week time

Optical Engineering

Customer needs and legal requirements determine the pattern and intensity of  Norpero’s lighting design. In order to design the required lighting pattern to meet the appropriate application and market.

Norpero using advanced optical-design software such as“Lucid Shape”,and several in- house developed proprietary programs. Norpero then uses advanced evaluation software to analyze and validate optical designs.

Optical designs often evolve during development with customers.







Circuit Design & Manufacture

Norpero designs analog and digital circuitry to support all LED lighting technologies and I/O devices as well as controllers, converters, etc. Most electronic circuits for LED 
Norpero’s in-house Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment produces most of the electronic boards used in our products yielding higher quality control, greater flexibility, and shorter lead times.amps are linear and/or switcher design. Norpero uses electronic software like “PADS” and an in-house anechoic chamber to minimize and prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI).



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