Eyer Side By Side Comparison With Original One on Jeep Wrangler

(Model: Fyer) Original designed by Huamas with led headlight patent, the black face+ white Angel Eyes LED headlight comes with four lens. The bigger ones are high beam,the smaller ones are low beam, the outer ring is DRL or angel eyes with white, blue, red, green color. Objectively speaking, Huamas H-hlb series are pretty cool as the same as the Speaker 8700 Series. Called “bug eyes” is the greatest praise and honor for Huamas Corporation.

7inch-led-headlight-with-black-face norpero bug-eyes norpero
The back of the new Huamas 7 inch LED headlight compare with Jeep Wrangler original halogen headlamp, what a visual impact when put them together.

 l-led-headlight-VS-jeep-original-headlight-1 (1) norpero led-headlight-VS-jeep-original-headlight-2 norpero


under-modify-1 norpero under-modify-4norpero


Post time: Aug-16-2013


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