• Norpero
    Post time: Sep-02-2019

    Our brand “Norpero” comes from the word:  “  Normal ,Perfect ,Products  ” ,shows our pursues on High performance LED Lights . Read more »

  • LED Headlight Option! Are they worth it? (Lab tests)
    Post time: Dec-13-2018

    This is a lab tool used to measure the beam pattern of automotive lighting. It’s how you test for DOT compliance, and we can also take a full measurement of the beam pattern to see how much light shines to the road. Here’s a comparison of the low beam headlight options. This is a top-...Read more »

  • Newly Launch -Glower II 60W-7200lm LED Headlight Bulbs
    Post time: Jul-07-2016

    25th ,June 2016 , norpero newly launch Glower II 60W-7200lm LED Headlight Bulbs ,Glower II was updated basis on Glower , the llight body is smaller than Glower,and the radiator is consis of two parts ,it is better to put the right position in lamps for all cars .For more details info ,please see ...Read more »

  • About “E” Marks On Lights
    Post time: Aug-10-2013

    Here I ‘d like to post a UK native who talked about the E-MARK , very interesting and informative:   E marks on lights. Whats that all about then? I can give you the short potted version that you need to know, followed by the longer version for those with a high boredom threshold.   The “E” mean...Read more »


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