• Q: Does your 7inch headlight EMC passed ?

    Yes , They did .

    We solved the EMC problem which stopped the radio from working. FM interfears and DAB+ stopped working completely.

  • Q: Does the headlight interfear with the radio,car computer, etc ?

    No,this is always belongs to EMC problem ,our headlight passed EMC test .

  • Q: Does Your Headlight Both Use for Jeep and Harley ?

    No ,we ever only provided one version headlight to Jeep and Harley , they are no problem to install ,but  as some change for the new Jeep,the exist version has some stuck , so we updated a new radiator for Jeep , now there are two version headlight , one is for Jeep , another is for Harley , they are 100% same in lighting performance ,just a little different in radiator .

    When you place order to us , it ‘s better to tell us where the headlight would use for .


    headlight radiator

  • Q: Why My Headlight Looks a Bit "Fclikering" after installed on Jeep ?

    Yes , this is normal , but not for all Jeep ,as some change for the new Jeep ,so there is some compatible issue , to fix it is try to add a CANBus .

  • Q: How easy is it to install the Eyer Series 7" LED headlights?

    The Model Eyer series was designed to be a drop-in replacement for standard 7” round headlights. Click here to read the steps where we install the Eyer into a Jeep.

  • Q: How do I know if I should get the brackets when I ordering the 7" headlight ?

    If the 7″ headlight use for cars , it’s no need brackets .

    If the 7″ headlight use for Harley Moto ,we  advice you to buy brackets also ,as the old brackets can’t use for our lamp if the headlight didn’t be tuning .

  • Q: What is the color temperature of the LED cars lamps?

    Normally ,the light color temperature of our LED cars lamps is 6,000 K.

  • Q: Does your headlight fit for all models of Jeep and Harley ?

    Yes , they do , just if headlight use for Harley ,there need to be a extra Bracket.

    So we always need to make sure with customer where the headlight they use for before they place order .

Here we list some question from our customer , our Sales or R&D department always be here to support you .Send you question here or write to us directly :sales@norpero.com.


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